Vendor Particulars

Oct 4, 2015

People often ask how to become a vendor at Mack's Markets.  
If you are interested in jurying in, here is some helpful information as well as
our application and costs.  

Vendor booth sizes and costs:  to help you upfront. 
The Red Barn is a pre-1840's Yankee Barn.  As such the spaces are not uniform.
We try to accommodate what a roughly 10x10 space will allow to fit in! 

Tent spaces - 10x10 - 110.00
Barn Spaces - varied - 110.00
Stand Alone Food Vendors - 75.00  

Vendors may purchase more than one space to allow for a larger area, 
but availability is limited.

Jurying Process: Our objective is to select vendors whose
 merchandise will sell well
at our Markets, and whose merchandise will fit well 
with the overall theme of Mack's.  
Words like vintage, antique, salvaged, retro, 
industrial, repurposed,
 and architectural are echoed as descriptors. 
Also, artisan made, fresh modern, and upscale. 
 We strive to support small, independent businesses.  
So you will find unique boutiques 
and popup trucks making an appearance.  

In order to continue offering a high level 
of merchandise geared to Mack's style, 
some merchandise is not selected for our Markets.
We are not a craft show or a flea market -  there are other 
excellent opportunities in our area 
for those shows.  Please note that we 
try to limit the specific type of similar items 
to help insure a successful market
 to those vendors participating. 

The application process:  We believe Mack's will continue 
to be successful because of the quality 
and variety of merchandise lines offered here.
We place high value on the 
beautiful/unique/eye-catching way merchandise 
is displayed. 
 It is that important to us.  We will remain selectively 
picky as a commitment to our show and our other vendors.  
Our application is below.  
Please give us sharp pictures including 
your displays.  We will review your paperwork and images 
and you will hear from us within 30 days.  

Please do not be offended if 
we don't select your merchandise
 for Mack's.  Sometimes it is 
just a case of already having 
several booths with similar merchandise.
A good mix is important to the show and important 
for vendors to have success, we feel.  

If we invite you to the show, we will provide you 
with the necessary contracts and details.  
Please return the paperwork and fees by the due date, and
we will look forward to seeing you at Mack's!