Salt and Straw and artisan foodists................

Jun 6, 2015

for opening day today, which got me thinking about 
food makers as artisans.  
Having owned a restaurant, I think about food a lot.
Home grown, locally or regionally sourced, 
ingredients are the artists materials.  
As fabric, paint, findings, wood, are the raw materials
for material artists.  
(lots of materials there.... :)

On a recent visit to Portland - I should say Portlands -
 both Oregon and Maine to 
visit their respective Portlands, we were lucky 
enough to end our evening at 
 a renowned artisan ice cream shop 
in Portland, O.  

Amazing place, amazing tastes.

Farm to Cone flavors - I Love It !!!

What sticks is that 
this innovative guy with ideas, 
took his courage in his hand and turned 
a passion into a viable - no, 
Renowned !!! 
Scoop Shop and Street Vendor enterprise.

Closer to home, foodists, street vendors,
farmers market participants might be the
girls or guys next door.
(Or farm down the road) 

What makes a great Pop Up Barn Sale
if not for the 
tasty offerings of Artisan Food Makers!
If you are one.........
If you know one...........
Direct them to US!!!!!!

We are on the hunt for the best
Food Trucks, Makers, Vendors
we can find for
Fall and Holiday
Mack's New Market's.

Sept. 18-19 and Nov. 13-14
Email us !
We can't wait to hear from you.......